Everyone procrastinates. Sometimes it is due to laziness, sometimes due to the last-minute motivation, and sometimes just because you are not feeling like doing the dreaded task before the stipulated time. Furthermore, for maximum people, procrastination becomes necessary just because it is fun to do it.

But, sooner or later, the idea of procrastination is likely to hamper your work performance. It can also affect your mood by generating worry, stress, fear, and anxiety. Thus, in order to break the bad habit of procrastination, it is necessary to keep in mind the essential steps to stop it. Read on to know more.

Write down the task

The best way to deal with procrastination is by writing down your task which you have been putting off lately. Scribbling down your designated task in your notepad will retain that in your mind, and you cannot ignore that easily as it will haunt you for its completion. Thus, if you are running out of ways to break the bad habit of procrastination, make sure to keep a notepad and a pen with you all the time so that whenever a task is assigned to you, you can quickly scribble it down in your notepad.

Break it into smaller steps

It might happen that you are assigned with huge responsibilities all the time, and every time you end up procrastinating due to a lengthy task deadline. In order to make things simple, you can break up the huge task into smaller tasks which will not only help you finish the task within the stipulated deadline but will also provide you with a feeling of comfort and relief. Smaller tasks are more likely to put lesser pressure in your mind, and you can complete those tasks one by one with the least effort.

Prepare for obstacles

Sometimes even if you don’t want to procrastinate, you might end up doing so due to some dreaded obstacle. It is your job to learn how to fight those obstacles. Procrastinating is not a solution. Rather, facing and fighting your obstacles is. Make sure to keep in mind that after you have broken up the huge task into smaller tasks, there might be certain roadblocks in your way. But, it is you who have to fight those obstacles and get your job done within the designated time. Always have a technique ready to apply whenever in need!

Release your emotion

Procrastination is another feeling and emotion just like anger, sadness and fear. Sometimes people end up procrastinating just because they are not feeling like it. It might be because you are angry, sad or fearful. Don’t let these emotions stop you from achieving your goal. Rather releasing these emotions are the only to clear your mind. Talk to someone if you feeling sad. Punch a pillow if you are feeling angry. Do exaggerated shivering if you are fearful. These might sound silly, but these actually work. The next time when you are feeling awful, try these once!


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